dorrie + lisa = dreamers + sisters = dreamsters
dreamster, n.: a creative dreamerdreamsters union, n.: A community of innovators, artists and creative thinkers engaging the power of collective creativity. A studio for cultivating creative courage, and developing and realizing ideas. A site of possibility.

dreamsters + you = the dreamsters union


born: in the year the first photo was taken of the earth from the moon
lives: communally
belongs: to earth, first
thinks this is most likely true: we are all connected and should live accordingly
committed to: choosing love over fear, staying curious
interested in: pretty much everything…. see above on staying curious
recognized as: depending on who you ask… professional dancer, mom, teacher, creative director for an environmental design group, green lifestyle consultant, realtor, wife, surfer, world traveler, a nuisance, a delight…


born: here
lives: here, there
belongs: here, there, everywhere…
believes in: beauty and the transformative potential of art
committed to: living as a conscious member of the global community and world, walking gently on the earth, learning to be peace
interested in: the contexts in which aesthetic experience is created and framed, planting seeds of ideas, interspecies communication, thinking as form, the re-enchantment of art, the sounds of silence, the poetics of ordinary life, daydreams, liminals, interstices…
recognized as: an internationally exhibited interdisciplinary artist, social sculptor, ecological activist, writer, educator, mentor, and nurturer…

Lisa + Dorrie

Dorrie + Lisa