A mentor is an inspiring guide and teacher with the knowledge and resources to encourage you to explore creative possibilities and realize your artistic potential…

The dreamsters union offers mentoring for artists and other creative thinkers. If you are developing a personal studio practice, beginning a creative project, or just looking for a sounding board or a brainstorming partner our mentoring program is a wonderful resource.

Mentoring services are offered by the project, by the month or by the hour. Grants for mentoring are available through the Dreamsters Fund.

Work with us and gain…

  • a renewed sense of inspiration
  • newfound confidence in your artistic vision
  • the creative courage to show the world your ideas



Joni Cornell
”Working with Lisa has given me the courage to go from someone living an art filled life, to someone who has committed to a life as an artist, which is something else entirely… But you don’t have to have your heart set on being an artist (I never did). Having a creative life makes you fuller, more rounded as a person.“
—Joni Cornell, Wraptinfelt, Australia

Sophia Isajiw
”I have worked with Lisa on several large creative projects, installations, performance and written articles. Lisa/Dreamsters provides the most capable kind of gentle mentoring and intelligently probing questions that allow you to dig deeper and get further than one mind alone can….
Lisa/Dreamsters is one of those real gems that is rarely found these days: a truly capable, well-rounded arts professional with whom it is easy to partner and collaborate with on projects, get solid and real feedback, increase in confidence about your project as you proceed, and realize a more far-reaching end result. I can’t recommend Dreamsters enough!“
—Sophia Isajiw, M.F.A., Toronto, Canada