Cultivate the landscape of your imagination!
Fall 2017 five week course begins on Monday, September 4th.

In Dreamscaping you will learn to be a dreamscape architect. You will explore and map the edgelands and wild places of your imagination. You will plant seeds of ideas, cultivate creative courage and take leaps of faith into the territory of your most expansive dreams. Dreamscaping teaches you how to embrace the power of your own creativity in order to live the richest, most beautiful, fulfilling life you can imagine. $99.00 USD

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The First 30 Days: No Resolutions - Just Beauty

The First 30 Days: No Resolutions – Just Joy!

An e-course about being astonished by the delights of everyday life.
30 days of  inspiration, possibility, & play + a place to swap stories, make new friends and have fun! $30.00 USD. The First 30 Days begins on Monday, January 1, 2018.

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me, myself, i

me, myself, i

A course focusing on a visual exploration of interior and exterior aspects of the self. What artists choose to reveal and conceal in self-portraits gives insight into personal identity, social relationships, and conscious, self-aware experience. This course opens the heart and develops the ability to create and live from a generous, engaging place of expansiveness, integrity and joy. $99.00 USD
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